Before reading these testimonials, I would like to mention that I feel blessed and honored to have cared for each and every one of these patients. I realize their gratitude for what I have done for them, and I hope that they realize, how deeply and profoundly they have touched my life. Caring for them has been "MY" pleasure and I wish eternal peace and happiness to each and every one of them. 

Tracy L Kozak, LAc

Tracy Kozak and Classical Acupuncture have been the best thing to happen to me. I went to see Tracy with serious positional vertigo and anxiety. Her calm and friendly manner was instantly reassuring. The treatments are not painful or even uncomfortable; in fact, I usually take a little nap during the allotted time! I have felt so much better since I started going to Tracy that I now try to get regular treatments - I like being healthy!"
"Before I met Tracy, I had no experience with acupuncture, although I had read some favorable reports about it. I found that she was trained in Five Element Acupuncture, and also Chinese medicine and philosophy. Her training and continual study enable her to provide true holistic healing of Body, Mind and Spirit.
She has helped me greatly with my numerous physical issues and sound advice. She explains the treatments, as we go along. It is obvious that she has applied this training in her own life. She is a bright ray of sunshine in life's garden and her wholeness and serenity is contagious."
"Tracy Kozak, through her practice in Five Element Acupuncture, has helped me tremendously on both a physical and emotional level. She is present and compassionate offering insight and awareness into the root of the problem and physical injury I was experiencing. Of all practitioners I have experienced, Tracy has been remarkable as a Chinese Medical Doctor addressing and providing emotional support in my healing process. I would highly recommend her to anyone. "
"It is with profound gratitude that I can write this small testimonial regarding Tracy Kozak; My first visit was the day I had a rear end collision on the way to my appointment! Since that time, Tracy has helped me through many physical and serious debilitating depressive bouts. Tracy’s warmth and compassion, caring and professionalism, has without question saved my life. From the moment you enter her office, you can feel the calmness and know you have a safe place to heal. My feelings about acupuncture are two fold, gentle but yet very powerful. Tracy takes time to know and understand each patient and goes more than the extra mile to aid in the healing of body, mind and spirit. I am honored to know Tracy and can not thank her enough."
PS: Tracy has also helped me with my rescue pet issues.

Tracy has a gentle and intuitive spirit and she puts you at ease the moment you  meet her.  I started seeing her because traditional medicine was not offering me any relief from my breathing difficulties.  I felt like I had no where to turn and was resolved that I would have to spend the rest of my life on a vicious cycle of steroids and medications.  Tracy surpassed my expectations and  was successful in healing my breathing problems when no one else was able to help me.  She has also been a Godsend in helping me with anxiety due to post traumatic stress .  Tracy takes the time to listen to what you have to say and truly cares about you .  She is a true professional in every way and I highly recommend this business


For several months in 2015, I experienced increasing pain which could not be explained, controlled, or eliminated by any of approximately 7 medical professionals who treated me. I was seen by medical doctors, chiropractors, a pain specialist physician, a massage therapist and another acupuncturist. I even tried hypnosis to reduce the pain. All these professionals tried to help but I saw little improvement which never lasted more than a couple of days. During this time, a chiropractor stated that I might benefit from acupuncture treatment. I began receiving treatment from Dr. Kozak. She was the one professional who never gave up trying to help. She not only worked with me through acupuncture, but she also suggested treatments from other medical personnel and encouraged me to never give up. I finally started to see some lasting improvement. Dr. Kozak never made me feel rushed through our appointments. She took the time to listen and often pointed out changes in my condition which I had not noticed. She made me realize that acupuncture is beneficial for many other issues - not just pain management. Because of her tenacity, compassion, patience, and caring, I feel better today than I have felt in the past year. Dr. Kozak proved that she is truly interested in the patient's well-being by suggesting I seek help from other medical personnel to work in conjunction with acupuncture. She is not in practice just for the money; she is there for the right reason - to help the patient.